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Severna Park High Students Pair Up With Walk The Walk Foundation

On November 11, 2023, Severna Park Leadership Institute students Liam Bast, Angel Santiago-Cruz, and five others volunteered in Annapolis with the Walk The Walk Foundation. The Foundation took part in a Bay Bridge walk that takes place every year. This walk raises money for their foundation as well as others. Liam Bast and Angel Santiago-Cruz volunteered with their foundation to help prepare and get runners/walkers ready the day before the walk to help the process go smoother the next day.

Liam Bast and Angel Santiago-Cruz partnered with the Walk The Walk Foundation because it is a local organization that is in the Annapolis area that helps local people in need. Liam Bast and Angel Santiago-Cruz believe in this foundation’s cause and Liam has been a part of a Leadership group that has been partnered with the foundation, for these reasons, Liam and Angel decided to partner with this foundation.

Liam and Angel set three goals in the beginning of their project: raise $150.00 for the foundation, volunteer 10 collective hours as a group, and collect 1,000 diapers to donate for the foundation. As of writing this, Liam and Angel have exceeded two of those goals. They have raised around $180.00 and volunteered 27 collective hours. They are still in the process of collecting diapers, so far they have collected around 100 diapers. Liam and Angel give the current success of their project to the Severna Park High School Leadership Institute. This institute taught them the skills they need to be successful leaders and how to properly manage their time.

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