National Diaper Bank

Walk the Walk Foundation is part of the National Diaper Bank. Over the past year we have been able to help many organizations with diaper donations. We organize the diapers we receive, repackage them into groups of 25, and then give them to local non-profits, food/baby pantries & shelters, who then distribute the diapers to women and families who need them. We are very excited to be able to help the community in this way.

In 2014 we started partnering with the Providence Center to package the individual diapers into packs of 25. We love being able to continue this cycle of giving within the community and if you are looking for a group volunteer activity we’d love your help!

Emergency Baby Pantry Program

In 2017 we expanded our Diapers for Babies Program and are now supporting seven Emergency Baby Pantries across Anne Arundel County. One in three moms must decide whether to buy groceries for their families or diapers for their babies. We want to be a resource for families when they find themselves in these crisis situations.  The pantries are designed to provide the basic essentials for babies. Items such as diapers, wipes, formula, diaper rash cream, and baby wash are among the top items we donate to the pantries.

We are always looking for volunteers to hold diaper drives. We need diapers of all sizes, and the average cost of a pack of diapers is $15-$20. We can also use baby wipes, formula, diaper rash cream and baby wash. You can donate actual items, or you can donate to this cause online here. Our Diapers for Babies program is active all year long.

For an updated listing of the Emergency Baby Pantries in Anne Arundel County, please contact us at walk@wtwf.org.