Our Mission

Making a difference in the lives of people and communities in need through our Christmas for Children, Backpacks for Kids & Diapers for Babies Programs.

Our Vision is to use the foundation’s resources to create a cycle of giving where our outreach inspires those on the giving and receiving end to lend a hand to their others.

Our Statement of Faith

We were all made for a purpose! Our faith has seen us through many trials, and we believe that these experiences have prepared us for this task, reaching out and helping kids in need.

“For we are all God’s Workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

“We strongly feel that we have been blessed and we want to share that with others. Most importantly, we want to teach our own kids that they have a responsibility to ‘Give Back!'” – Kim Mitchell

Walk the Walk’s name is based off of the Bible Verse, Joshua 22:5; “Love the Lord your God and WALK in all his ways!”

Meet Our Team

David & Kim Mitchell

Meet David

Position at Walk the Walk: Co-Founder and logistics coordinator.

Favorite part of working at Walk the Walk?: It is mostly about the people. I enjoy bringing people together to help other people. There is no more important asset we posses and the one others are in need of the most other than our time.

Do you prefer Text, Calls or Emails?: Face to face or phone calls are always best for conversations and emails are OK to share information.

Where is your favorite place to be?: With my family.

Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?: Watch a movie.

What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?: My model trains have been packed away for almost thirty years. I am looking forward to the day I have the time and space to set them up again.

What would you do with a million dollars?: I would give it away.

Favorite Concert Lineup?: I don’t know. Sad to say I have not been to a concert in 20 years.

Favorite place to eat?: For a special summer time treat, Kentmoor Restaurant on Kent Island has the best crabs and for lunch I currently like going to Lures Bar and Grill.

What three things would you want on a desert island?: Kim, my wife and best friend, a bible, and enough food & water.

Is your Ideal Break a Vacation or Stay-cation?: A vacation, either camping or at the beach with family

Meet Kim

Position at Walk the Walk: Co-Founder

Favorite Part of Walk the Walk: The stories that come from helping people!

Text, Calls or Emails: I probably prefer text because I forget to look at emails.

Favorite place to be: Anywhere with my husband!

Book? Movie?: I love both! As long as there is popcorn and chocolate!

Fun fact that most people don’t know: I love practical jokes! Yes a few close friends would know this but I don’t think that most people know.

What would you do with a million Dollars?: I would probably spend a little on our own family needs but I would love to take most of it and do Random Acts of Kindness. In secret, I love surprising people by meeting their needs.

Favorite concert?: too old to go!

Favorite place to eat: Anywhere where I do not have to cook or clean up!

3 Things you would need on an island:, Family, UNO and food

For a break do you prefer a vacation or staycation?: RV baby! Love to explore the great USA and go to National Parks.

2015-2016 Board Members

Douglas Arnold

Chris Clickner

Judith Hawes

Trevin Hoekzema

Kelley Solsman

Suzanne Stearns

Would you like to be a part of our Team? 
Committees are forming for the Christmas Drive and Back to School Drive! If you would like to be involved please email walk@wtwf.org.

Our History

How we started walking…

Over the years many things have happened to help prepare our hearts for this. Health crises, loss of a child and having children with learning differences certainly has not been the easiest road to travel. But in looking back we would not be doing this today if we had not had all of those yesterdays.

Obviously we have a heart for children and meeting their needs. During the Christmas season, I would look for a little boy to buy for that would have been the age of the son that we lost. Then, one Christmas, a friend asked if I knew of any “needy kids.” She wanted to set up an angel tree in the Hair Salon where she worked. My immediate thought was of the school where my aunt Evelyn Linkous was principal — Lashameet/Motoka in West Virginia. My aunt had taken us to her school that past summer and riding through the winding hills I saw lots of needs. I called her and asked if she knew of any needy kids. She said, how many can you handle?

This led to an angel tree and a letter being sent out to our friends and family. The response was overwhelming. A total of 68 children were taken care of that first Christmas and 30 families received hair dryers, board games, toothbrushes, toothpaste and enough groceries to have a Christmas breakfast and dinner. Each family also received at least $100 in gift cards to Walmart or Sears. One mom came to my aunt in tears because she could now go and buy underwear for her kids.

These kids were not looking for new games for their Gameboys. They were children hoping to wear something other than their siblings’ hand-me-downs. They were not looking for an IPod, they were just excited to have something to open and call their own.

In addition to all the new toys, we accepted gently used items as well. Little did we know where that would go. For weeks after Christmas, black bags would show up at my garage door. In March, we started meeting with Phil Burgess to develop a business plan and lay the groundwork for this foundation. In June, we were making a second trip to West Virginia to drop off a trailer load of clothes and toys.

Once our garage was full of donations, we started looking for warehouse space and found a resource for new kids clothing. Hurricane Katrina hit at this time, and this catastrophic event sent our foundation into full swing. Partnering with Gvozden Pediatrics and Severna Park High School, we held a collection drive for Katrina victims. We received over 125,000 pounds of items and had over 600 volunteers. Within a matter of weeks, all these donations were on a truck and Walk the Walk was heading south. We were in the local newspaper and on the radio and many were giving of their Time, Talent and Treasure.

Our “Walk of Christmas” campaign continued to grow every year, and in 2007 we began to collect school supplies and new clothes for the start of the school year in August.

What started in Mercer County West Virginia has spread to Prince William’s County Virginia, and to Anne Arundel County Maryland which is currently our primary focus. Walk the Walk’s active programs partner with the county to provide Christmas for children, backpacks for students & diapers for babies.

This is just the beginning as we continue to look for ways to help those in need. It has been an amazing journey and we have been truly blessed to work with some amazing volunteers of all ages, donors big and small, and above all the recipients, for whom no gift is too small.

Join us as we continue to Walk the Walk.